Bed Bug K-9 Scent Detection

What’s the Dog Difference?

Dependable: Dogs have shown to be extremely accurate in detecting and pinpointing the location of bed bugs.

Trusted: Dogs are trained to work for food and love—not profits.

Cost Effective: Bug detection dogs generate much quicker and more accurate results, meaning less expensive remediation costs.

Peace of Mind: Reasonable certainty of the presence of bed bugs.

Our dogs were all rescued from the Florida Humane Society, and trained at the Florida K-9 Academy by Bill Whitstine.

Bill is a Certified Master Trainer, specializing in the training and certification of bed bug, bomb, drug, money, weapons, termite, mold and accelerant detection dogs. Bill has been featured on over nine shows, including segments on The Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, HGTV and Extreme Makeover.

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